To combat climate change, the global temperature must be kept below 1.5 degrees Celsius, this will require a global effort by businesses, the government, and individuals. Human activities have been the primary cause of climate change, which poses a threat to global survival.

Organisations must work together to combat climate change, and by developing a carbon management strategy with a clear goal and vision, businesses can begin to counteract climate threats. Organisations can use both short- and long-term goals in developing a carbon management plan, with a clear understanding of the risks, opportunities, and investment required to drive it.
We recognise that achieving net zero emissions is a marathon journey that necessitates innovation and the participation of all stakeholders in the organisation, and we are happy to accompany you every step of the way.
To do this, we will put into practise the IEMA Greenhouse Gas Management Hierarchy, which prioritises eliminating source of carbon emissions. We will work with you to implement sustainable policies that are focused on eradicating the hotspots for your carbon emissions. Next, we will investigate options for reducing carbon and energy use, followed by measures for replacement and offset of residual carbon emissions.

Why should I go with Cutmit?

We follow the IEMA Greenhouse Gas Management Hierarchy to develop a customer tailored carbon management plan
We are ISO 14001/50001/14064 certified lead auditors, which adds to our team’s credibility.
We have created a carbon framework covering a wide range of industries in accordance with the IPCC, Defra UK, and other international standards, and we have provided carbon technical support to institutions such as Farm Carbon Tool and the University of West of Scotland.
Because we encourage the use of primary data to drive precision and reduce uncertainties, our carbon measurement approach prioritises consumption over spend-based data.