Company history

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution and expansion of the supply chain there has been an increase in the levels of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Scaling supply chain carbon measurement and removal is crucial to avoiding the disastrous impacts of an increasing level of greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to measure and remove 1 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.

Michael, the founder, spent several years as a postdoctoral researcher creating and improving numerous nature-based technical applications for sustainable living. Michael founded Cutmit to contribute to the worldwide goal of achieving Net Zero by 2050 via carbon removal.

Our staff consists of competent and experienced professionals that hold PhDs in science and engineering. We are driven by a desire to help others and preserve our environment for future generations.

  • 2022

    Carbon footprint services

    We started with carbon footprint services

  • 2023

    Carbon removal project

    Was endorsed as a C-Sink Manager for Global Artisan C-Sink by Carbon Standard International

  • 2024

    Carbon removal services

    We extend our services to include carbon removal projects and offsets

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